EcoTank saved the environment from 5 tons of plastic packaging

Bratislava, January 24, 2018 - The ecological equipment for top-up windscreen washer fluid in the pilot year 2017 was used by many Slovak motorists at selected filling stations and saved the environment from around 5 tons of plastic packaging. EcoTank has shown its importance in reducing the negative environmental impact of poorly degradable plastic materials.

EcoTank, the Slovak technological solution, saved the planet from about 5 tons of plastic packaging by replacing classic plastic containers during its pilot period, which started in the Bratislava area. The network of petrol stations where it is available was expanded to 11 Slovak towns: Dubnica nad Váhom, Makov, Milhost, Považská Bystrica, Prešov, Trstice, Turany, Smižany, Stropkov, Šamorín and Vranov nad Topľou.

Motorists have been able to use EcoTank units at Slovak filling stations since March 2017. They are installed at selected petrol stations next to fuel dispensers. A self-service tank gun allows easy and convenient liquid refilling for windscreen washing.

“This is a success that has already exceeded our expectations. First of all, it is a great signal from the general public. We would like to thank all the motorists who have preferred our convenient and environmentally friendly solution at petrol stations. We believe that motorists appreciate the benefits of EcoTank, and so does the environment,” said Juraj Saktor, co-inventor of the EcoTank technological solution.

EcoTank equipment has successfully demonstrated its benefits in practice, and there has been increased interest from abroad. “Last year, our vision was for EcoTank to cross the Slovak border. We will be able to fulfil this over the next few months. European countries are interested in the pilot phase that we have completed. Specifically, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Norway and Germany,” stated Rudolf Garan, EcoTank CEO.

About EcoTank

EcoTank is unique equipment for topping up windscreen washer fluid, designed by Slovak inventors Richard Vámoš and Juraj Saktor, whose main goal was to reduce the amount of plastic waste. EcoTank is designed as a universal standard for any petrol station and its installation does not require construction work. The system is easy to operate and does not require an attendant. The system uses the same connection to the petrol station information system as the fuel dispensers. EcoTank’s vision is to become the European standard at petrol stations and reduce the amount of plastic container waste.

ECOTANK s.r.o. is a part of Datapac Group