Number of EcoTank installations in Europe reaches 400

Bratislava, January 24, 2020 - the Slovak ecological invention, EcoTank, is becoming an increasingly available solution for refuelling washer fluid in Europe. Thanks to its use within European service stations networks, the environmental burden has been reduced by more than 80 tons of plastic waste. This practical and environmentally friendly service can be used by drivers on more than 400 installed devices in up to 10 European countries and will be expanded to 3 more markets in the coming months. EcoTank's vision for this year is to more than double the number of installed devices.

This unique ecological solution, which was first launched in 2016 in Slovakia, is currently available at the petrol and service stations of international networks such as MOL Group, AVIA, Gazprom, NESTE and ESSO. By the end of 2019, more than 400 devices were installed in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia and Switzerland, in addition to Slovakia. The expansion of EcoTank installations in Europe has led to the elimination of the use of plastic containers and has the potential to relieve the environment burden by hundreds to thousands of tons of plastic waste.

On the Swiss market, EcoTank signed a breakthrough contract last autumn with TSG Services and Solutions, the world's leading supplier of equipment and services to more than 40,000 petrol stations and oil companies in Europe and Africa. "We consider the agreement to exclusively distribute our innovative and organic product in Switzerland via a worldwide partner as one of the most important milestones in our company’s history," said the founder of EcoTank s.r.o., Juraj Saktor.

In Finland, the current success of EcoTank was contributed to by former rallycross driver, Toomas Heikkinen, who found a strong partner in the Slovak manufacturer. “During winter, the windscreen washer consumption in Finland is much higher than in Central Europe. Some fuel dealers are already modifying their petrol stations to refill washer fluid, but so far there has been no overhead solution that is as unique as EcoTank,” commented Toomas Heikkinen, CEO of Pissapoika Oy, which imports the environmentally friendly EcoTank equipment for the Finnish market, for the NESTE service station network.

In 2020 at least another 500 facilities

EcoTank currently has more than 10 test operations with various partners across Europe. During the first quarter, EcoTank should also be available in new markets - Hungary, Austria and Ukraine. "Our goal is to successfully complete all the pilot phases in partnership with our partners and to install a further 500 devices on the European market by the end of 2020," said Juraj Saktor. In Slovakia, the company wants to concentrate primarily on extending the availability of this service via the Slovnaft network, where the devices have been operated since 2016. Currently, EcoTank is available at 45 Slovnaft petrol stations.

About ECOTANK s.r.o.
EcoTank is a unique device for topping up washer fluid from the workshop of Slovak inventors, Juraj Saktor and Richard Vámoš. The use of this device greatly reduces the use of plastic packaging and helps save the environment. The EcoTank solution is designed as a standard for any petrol station and offers simple installation and ease of use. ECOTANK's vision is to become the European petrol station standard and reduce the amount of plastic waste by thousands of tons per year.