First EcoTank Installed – a Unique Solution for Topping Up Washer Fluid

Bratislava, October 13, 2016 – Bratislava has notched up another first! EcoTank - a unique device for topping up washing fluid was installed on Elektrarenska street.

‘We are glad that after a couple of months of working on the prototype, the trial run of EcoTank has begun, which can be tested by drivers on Elektrarenska street. We value their feedback and believe that EcoTank will soon become the modern standard for topping up washer fluid at petrol stations’ said Juraj Saktor, CEO of EcoTank.

Juraj Saktor and Richard Vámoš are the inventors of EcoTank, whose main goal is to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

EcoTank is designed as a standard that can be installed at any petrol station with ease without construction adjustments and is simple to use and does not require an operator. EcoTank’s vision is to become the European standard at petrol stations in 2 years and eliminate millions of tons of plastic waste a year.

The vision for EcoTank is set to become the standard at European petrol stations within 2 years and will prevent millions of tons of plastic waste being generated every year.

About EcoTank

In the beginning, there was one goal at EcoTank: to help our planet become greener. We wanted to eliminate plastic packaging and eliminate millions of tons of waste a year. Just as we do not buy fuel in plastic containers, soon we will not use plastic containers for washer fluid. They will be replaced by EcoTank, a unique ecological solution, which will be the benchmark solution at petrol stations.